The Craft

Miniature Beginnings

Charlene credits her pendant crafting abilities as a direct result of skills gained from the creation of miniature war-gaming pieces for a popular sci-fi game she enjoys called Warhammer 40,000.  

 "When I was in college at Indiana University, I was introduced to the game Warhammer 40k, and The Horus Heresy novel series.  It was a table-top war-gaming series in which players would purchase or put together their own miniature sized war pieces to line up along sides of a table and wield against each other.  Essentially, a more complicated version of chess.  

Well, over the next few years, I personally crafted a few hundred of these little miniature figurines.  I found myself absolutely loving to work with metal sculpting tools, became very familiar with a Dremel, and tiny paint brushes. Although some pieces were not so miniature - standing roughly 6 inches tall or more - most were roughly around 2 inches high.  After a couple years, I sold quite a few I had put together, but held onto the ones which I had put intense amounts of effort into, especially if they were of my own design and not based off standard molds.

The reason I believe my metal-craft skills got so advanced doing this was because the older miniature pieces were not made of fine resin, but rather white metal alloys (which consisted of tin, antimony, and possibly lead).  Thus, I would literally carve metal for weeks at a time to gain the miniature model I could see the image of in my mind and would want.  After my effort to offer on my blog a way for people to conveniently use essential oils - in conjunction with my The Essential Series I was releasing - without putting it on their skin directly, these proportioning, designing, and sculpting skills easily transferred to the creation of essential oil pendants.  Who would have thought!"



Mastercraft Metallurgy

The imagery for all of Charlene’s work begins with mindfulness and meditation, followed by extensive research.  Each image has a meaning and life on its own and is, Charlene feels, a message of the wisdom of nature and naturopathic methods. When working, Charlene visualizes the image she wishes to create in the metals she will work with until one solidifies in mind allowing her to focus on the detailed carving of the piece.

During this process, the symbolism and energy represented by the image are transferred into the metal pendant to be carried forward by another.  Charlene maintains that once this image is held firmly in mind, the crafting moves quickly as her hands work with many tools to meld metal into intricate and gorgeous patterns.  When she starts with a blank pendant template, Charlene states this is the most thrilling to her as everything is potential.  Her mind is filled with excitement and hands grasp at the enthusiasm of what new design she can bring forth next.

To this day, Charlene still inspects every locket pendant that leaves on each and every order at Eupterrae.  She is directly involved in the business as both an artist and owner in her enthusiasm in building relationships and inspiring people through her creation worldwide.

The future need not be all gloom and doom.  We can use the very things that got us into our worldly mess to get us out of it.  My intent is to demonstrate by example how to use industry to solve environmental problems and promote a healthier living. Together, let us gain a more wholesome if not craftier world. ”


Living Crafty, Spreading Naturopathy


Charlene & Jon

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