Caring for your Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry

A question we regularly get asked is, “How can I best care for my essential oil jewelry so that it lasts as long as possible?” Since essential oil diffuser necklaces are exposed to all sorts of concentrated plant essences, here is a compilation of what we have learned are the best practices to help you ensure your lockets last a very long time:

Stainless Steel and Fine Metal Plating

Our essential oil locket jewelry is made of stainless steel lockets plated in fine metals such as 14k rose-gold, 14k yellow gold, and .925 sterling silver along with stainless steel necklace chains. The shiny plating is then sealed to help protect it from wear and tear long-term.


You will often see 316L stainless steel marked as “hypoallergenic”. What exactly does that mean?

Hypoallergenic means “below normal” or “just a little” allergenic. If you are allergic to nickel, please note that just because jewelry can be labeled as hypoallergenic doesn’t mean that it does not contain any nickel. 316L stainless steel jewelry, though legally labeled “hypoallergenic” still contains 8-10.5% nickel, so it might not be a good choice still if you have a nickel allergy.

How should I care for my plated jewelry?

Any type of metal jewelry (aside from gold and platinum), will tarnish over time. Exposure to moisture, air, oils (skin or otherwise), high temps and high humidity can speed up the process, which is actually a chemical reaction where sulfur in the environment break down the topmost layer of the metal (oxidation). This is what may appear to discolor the metal, and what is known as tarnish.
Unfortunately, this can’t be prevented completely, but controlling the environment that you store your jewelry in will help slow down the process. We suggest keeping your jewelry in a cool, dry place (NOT the bathroom!) and preferably cleaned and dried with a jewelry cleaning cloth regularly.

Cleaning your plated jewelry needs to be done carefully, as the plated layer is thin. It is suggested that you wipe off your jewelry with a soft cloth after use, and try to avoid dropping the oils directly on the jewelry; instead, remove the cloth pad to apply the oils, let them soak in for a minute, and then place the pad in your jewelry.

Every 1-2 weeks, you may also choose to clean any plated jewelry with a mild solution of dish soap and warm water to maintain the shine and remove any build-up from oil usage.

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