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About Eupterrae

Eupterrae is the essential oil locket brand of Eupterra Foundation, a blog dedicated to industrial environmentalism. 

Motivated by her ethnobiological studies, artist Charlene A. Rountree aims to demonstrate earth-spiritual rhythms and imagery in all her locket designs.  Each piece is a combination of both mastery of metallurgy and a work of art.

Find out more about our work in environment and industry here!

A bit of history...

Begun in 2014, Eupterra Foundation was an ethnobiology blog started by Charlene (aka eupterraen) whose mission in college was to catalog as much of the world's ancient ethnomedical practices to test their efficacy before being lost.  In doing so, she worked together with conservationists, wildlife biologists, and anthropologists involved in developing sustainable agriculture as well as environmentally friendly industry for indigenous people in rural places.  These experiences eventually led her to believe that current environmental problems could actually be solved by creativity and ingenuity rather than a sacrifice of industrial gain. In time, this would lead to the beginning of Eupterrae - an essential oil locket brand showcasing beautiful high quality diffuser accessories; each featured with a sustainable harvested gift box made of invasive plant species fiber.  By harvesting invasive plant species of North America, Eupterrae aims to demonstrate that industry can help resolve environmental problems in our world.
Charlene Allison Rountree
Our store's logo is the hippogryph, a symbol of the impossible as it depicts the love and union of gryphons and mares. As these two creatures from ancient mythology were supposed to be natural enemies and not natural mates, their offspring were a potent symbol of how the impossible can be accomplished.  In our modern times, may environmentalism and industrialization be the same~
You can still find out about Charlene's ethnobiology adventures from her blog online: www.eupterrafoundation.com.  From the strange uses of hallucinogenic honey (deli bal) derived from wild bees to learning about the rarer uses of the most potent member of the mint family, Pennyroyal, Eupterra's blog has grown into quite a collection of ethnomedical wisdom, lore, and nifty green fun.


When she isn't researching ethnic practices or exploring indigenous cultures, Charlene can be found geeking out to her favorite Star Wars, Warhammer 40k, and Game of Thrones media, books, and table-top games. She is also on the Board of Directors for Purple Porch Farming Co-op in South Bend, IN and is actively involved in sustainable progress initiatives in her community.  On quiet days, Charlene loves gardening, being out in nature, and spending time with her husband, Jon, and yellow lab, Butters.

dawne parrilla lundahl
Dawne Parrilla Lundahl
Senior Graphic Designer

Is a Chicago-based Graphic Designer who has contributed much to Eupterra Foundation's iconic style. For those who would like to get to know her - she is effective from day one generating creative, cost-effective, break-through materials. Well versed from the initial idea, concept development, art direction and design through the final production. With a great track record for successfully designing solutions for print, packaging, web, logos, educational publishing, promotional design, children's book publishing, direct mail, sales aides, corporate identity programs and more! 

"My strong sense of color and highly original creative solutions stand out in today's competitive marketplace." - Dawne P. Lundahl

Website:  www.dpdesign.com
Krista Kuskye
Krista Kuskye
Krista Kuskye has spent the past 12 years dedicated to photography. She earned a BFA from Indiana University South Bend in 2011. Kuskye has exhibited her fine art work locally and overseas as well as having numerous photographs in personal collections. She is owner of Krista Kuskye Photography, and is focusing on portrait clients including family portraits, children portraits, newborn portraits, senior portraits, business portraits, product photography, events and fine art photography. She has worked with several local business's including Eupterra Foundation, Beyond Zen Studio and Sai Shakti massage and healing. 

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