Imbolc Essential Oil Necklace Diffuser



Banish the Cold!

Winter might feel like a downer for modern people, but the biting cold and nip of wind felt today cannot be compared to the dangers our ancestors used to face.  Not so long ago, you could not call 911 for help if someone got very sick or injured and there was no maintenance or fire brigade if your hearth flames got out of control or heavy snows caused your thatch roof to collapse.  Let's not forget, there was no dependable source of electricity, and if you did not stock up on enough food from harvests during the year, you could be in for quite big trouble.

Is it any wonder that for generations many cultures celebrated the first signs of thaw?

On the Celtic Wheel of the Year, Imbolc represents the beginning of spring and the promise of warmth's return.  Symbolized by the birth of lambs and the blossom of daffodil flowers, Imbolc is stylized here with the parting of winter's icy grasp by the rearing horn of a unicorn - a symbol of magical power, healing, and purity. A mane of daffodil blossoms flow from its emblazoned horn. 

Imbolc - also known as Brigid's Day - is a time to awaken from our months of introspection and celebrate the re-emergence of Spring!

Want to learn more about how this pendant was made?  Read up on its crafting here.

  • Superior Quality - a unique 1 inch unicorn essential oil locket handcrafted into a sturdy frame with 24 inch stainless steel chain. 
  • Two-toned - 14k rose-gold rim highlights the .925 sterling silver center.
  • Portable Aromatherapy - 3 white cotton pads included with this necklace diffuser.
  • Comes Gift-Boxed - go Green! Eco-friendly gift packaging made from 100% natural fiber harvested from invasive species and sustainable sourced ink.
  • 90-day warranty, hassle free return policy
  • safe and secure checkout

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