How to Feel Fabulous with Essential Oils

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Essential Oils and Emotional Well-being

Recently, I attended a class by Desiree Mangandog on her protocols for using essential oils as both therapy and promotion of emotional healing and well-being. I was astonished by what I learned, and experienced! At first, I will admit, I was skeptical as to how much of an effect essential oils could have (especially the same day) on emotional uplifting and betterment, but boy was I proven a needless cynic. Desiree’s teachings are derived from a combination of years from being an acupuncture practitioner and then an essential oil therapy worker, specifically with doTerra oils.
After practicing in one evening with nearly 100 other people a 4 step protocol to release one’s fears, loving yourself, promoting clarity and vision, and projecting your inner self out to the world, I definitely felt a difference. Now, after two weeks of practicing this step-by-step process, I am feeling wonderful inside and out. Due to this, I am just excited to share what I learned!
Here is what I learned, that I hope to share with all those interested in essential oils and their exact use and benefit for the emotional soul in us all.

I am Fabulous protocol

Oils you will need:
• Melaleuca
• Oregano
• Cypress
• Fennel
• Bergamot
• Grapefruit
• Douglas Fir
• Spearmint
• Ginger
• Cinnamon Bark

Why are we using essential oils for emotional wellness?

Our emotional health greatly affects our physical health, such as hormonal balance and energy to function day to day.
Our physical, relational, spiritual, and professional success is dependent upon emotional maturity and our ability to handle obstacles.
Emotional wellness allows you to become the best version of yourself and make your dreams come true.

What we are doing with this protocol:

Walking through step-by-step in applying specific essential oils to acupuncture points to remove common blockages.
Address feelings of overwhelm, fear, self-esteem swings, need for clarity, and personal power.
Provide recommendations on how to navigate Desiree’s “I am Fabulous” book using essential oils and the knowledge of acupuncture points.

Protocol Steps
1. Eliminate Overwhelm
• Melaleuca
• Oregano
• Cypress

Using Melaleuca essential oil, apply a drop to the back of your neck, throat, heart area on chest, and around your belly button.
This act cleanses attachments that do not serve us. Sometimes we involve ourselves with people, circumstances, commitments, and other things that are not healthy and create overwhelm. This application will begin the process of letting go of unhealthy attachments.
Using Oregano essential oil, apply one drop to the top of your head. This helps one step outside oneself to get perspective and see what needs to change. It creates an open mind and flexibility to make necessary changes for personal growth.
Using Cypress essential oil, apply one drop on the inside of each elbow crease. This powerfully moves all stagnation, especially those who are “stuck” in old ways of thinking and being. Wonderful for those who constantly feel like they are “fighting” life rather than living in the flow. It creates fluidity of the spirit.

2. Boosting Self-Esteem
• Fennel
• Bergamot
• Grapefruit

Using Fennel essential oil, put one drop inside the wrist crease of each hand. This helps you to connect with your personal needs and begin saying “yes” to all that you are. Fennel brings freedom because it gives permission to let go of unnecessary responsibilities, and guides you to be honest with what matters to you. Lastly, fennel brings courage to speak up and live authentically.
Next, take a drop of Bergamot and Grapefruit essential oil and apply to the solar plexus or abdomen. These oils show you how to love yourself unconditionally. You begin to honor who you are and fall deeply in love with you! You will listen to your needs and see how you are “more” than enough. Welcome total self-acceptance, which leads to increased self-confidence.

3. Clarity and Vision
• Douglas Fir
• Spearmint

Taking one drop of Douglas Fir essential oil to the back of your neck, you are breaking destructive habits that cloud your thinking and vision for yourself. Douglas Fir allows for divine wisdom and guidance. It brightens the mind so you can see your new path. Transition to a new way of being.

Taking a drop of Spearmint essential oil, apply this to the top of your head. This helps clear away thoughts that confuse and distract us from our life’s mission. It brings intense clarity and the ability to express to others our vision. You will speak from a space of sincerity and confidence.

4. Project Yourself
My favorite!
• Ginger
• Cinnamon Bark

Take one drop of both Ginger and Cinnamon essential oil and apply it to both the solar plexus (abdomen area) and inside of each wrist. This fills your heart with passion, excitement, and a deep desire to live out one’s purpose. This is a combination that creates movement and inspiration. It increases courage so that no matter the obstacle, nothing or no-one will stand in the way of your divine mission.

This protocol has been an amazing experience for me, and I am very grateful for Desiree to teach this to us and many others.
Try out this 4-step protocol as a starter and see if you enjoy it as much as I do. Tell us in the comments below!


Want to read more about essential oils and natural wellness?  Check out our blog at

If you are liking this in-depth aromatherapy and want more, her recommendation of trying this out in the following 2-4 week time-periods from essential oil recipes found in her I am Fabulous book I highly suggest:
First 2-4 weeks: Release Your Fears or Bye Bye Baggage
Next 2-4 weeks: I Love Myself or Sooth the Soul
Next 2-4 weeks: I am Free or On my Path
Next 2-4 weeks: I am Fabulous
Next 2-4 weeks: Manifestor’s Blend or Momentum

Following this sequence of blends from the I am Fabulous book will accomplish these things: release limiting beliefs, heal the heart from the pain of rejection and disappointment, provide clarity on your divine purpose, build confidence, and create momentum as you project yourself out into the world.

It is time for you to live your highest and best self and share your talents with humanity, because the world needs you to be fabulously you!

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