Aroma Foundry Essential Oils Review

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Aroma Foundry Essential Oils Review

A Personal Experience

Recently, I had the pleasure of being introduced to a new essential oil brand that is up and coming in the United States - Aroma Foundry. As many of you know, I am an avid essential oil user, not just because of my love of ancient ethnomedicinal discoveries, but also because I truly believe that specific essential oils used in what are considered traditional acupuncture points on the human body can have amazing clearing, healing, and boosting effects (see more on my discussion with this here).

Founded in Santa Barbara, California, Aroma Foundry was begun by a couple, Tram and Billy, who were herbalists, acupuncturists, and nature lovers among being essential oil enthusiasts. Coming from both a natural therapeutic background and knowledgeable of the intricacies of brand development, these two decided to create an essential oil brand that not only provided the quality and consistency they look for, but the hospitality they enjoy as customers themselves.

Thus, Aroma Foundry was started with a mission of being environmentally and customer conscious. Starting with a line of roughly 20 different essential oils, it strives to be an aromatherapy company that provides great service and product for what the customer wants. Simple, Sweet, Easy.

You can find out more about them on their main webpage right here –

Exactly what this means and how we would experience it, I will be delving into with this essential oils review!


Essential oils from Aroma Foundry

Aroma Foundry bottles, boxes, and fulfills their essential oils in the Golden State of California. Not only are they keeping their American company in this sense “All-American”, but local in fulfillment in processing, too, which really keeps things affordable and the shipping easier for an American like me.

Aroma Foundry also puts an emphasis clearly both on their website and on their essential oil bottle packaging that they stand strongly by the purity and all-natural authenticity of their oils as well as each oils origin’s transparency. This is valuable to consumers such as myself in that I do like to know where my product is coming from, whom it might support, and if it is of the quality I would like.

In order for me to know an essential oil brand in-depth though, I definitely wanted to experience their service and oils first hand. So, I picked out and chose the following four essential oils to try out and see how the whole process works:

• Eucalyptus
• Grapefruit
• Lemon
• Bergamot

First, I would have to say the ordering process is very simple. You log-in to their website at , pick out the essential oils you would like on their product listing, and order. They even host deals for free shipping with certain amounts purchased, which is always nice for online shoppers like me. After receiving my shipment of oils from them, here is what I can say right off the bat:


Many, but I would narrow it down to the top 3 reasons I like Aroma Foundry's essential oil product and line:

  • Big bottles! All of Aroma Foundry’s essential oils come in the 15 ml bottle size. One point I hold against major brand’s such as doTerra and Melaleuca: The Wellness Company whom I have regularly ordered from in the past is that their essential oil bottle sizes can get really small. Some types of oil are only available in 5 ml at times. When I buy oils, I want at least 15 ml or more, mainly because since I use essential oils often, I don’t want to have to run out and re-order frequently. Thus, I have had to buy “off-brand” bottles of more rare essential oils, such as Hyssop, in large size bottles produced by companies that (albeit reputable) are not as well known. Aroma Foundry is definitely helping me as a consumer in this respect.
  • Price – Aroma Foundry has fantastic prices on their essential oils. As an avid essential oil user myself, the price of some of doTerra’s essential oil specifically can get really discouraging at times even though I understand from a chemist’s perspective that some oils are truly very difficult to produce. However, if I want to explore and try out oils I am not as in the routine of utilizing, I would rather purchase from Aroma Foundry with their 15 ml bottles at lower prices ranging between $9.98-$11.98 rather than fork-out $50+ for some of the major brand’s equivalents. Definitely a benefit.
  • Packaging – when Tram and Billy speak about providing the experience with the essential oils you receive as similar to opening a gift, I would say they definitely got this spot on. Upon receiving my box of four essential oils from Aroma Foundry, the first thing I noticed was the packaging was truly simple yet nice. I liked that the boxes holding the oils were detailed in describing the brand’s message and information, and I liked that each box contained warning information for use as well as the bottle’s batch number on the cap. All a good touch!

Honestly, not that many, but to be fair here are a couple I thought of:
• Limited Selection – since Aroma Foundry is new, starting in late 2016, there are only about 20 different essential oils to choose from. In time, I have no doubt, the company will add more to their line that they carry; which I look forward to! For now, though, I will source what I use and need from a variety of places.
• Lack of some rare oils and blends – one thing I noticed as well while perusing Aroma Foundry’s selection was the lack of rare oils I use very often such as Hyssop and Pennyroyal. As of now, even the major brands don’t carry these, so it would be great for a person like me to have these as more common stock. Also, as much as I enjoy using single essential oils, such as Grapefruit, Tea Tree, and Ginger, there is something to be said about certain major brand’s blends, such as doTerra’s famous muscle relaxing Deep Blue blend or Melaleuca: The Wellness Company’s aromatic seasonal blends such as Holly & Pine. Those are ones I would have to still obtain from these brands if I wanted for now.
• Packaging – not to sound two-faced in my remark here, but there was one part of Aroma Foundry’s packaging I found a bit redundant. Each bottle of essential oil came boxed with product inserts containing information and a pentagonal brand sticker. I didn’t mind one, but since I had four bottles, I had four stickers – 3 of which I didn’t know what to do with besides passing them out to other people I knew. Perhaps, having only one sticker per box ordered would be better? Just my thoughts.

Analyzing the Oils

So, now for a try at the actual oils themselves, eh?

I cracked open the Grapefruit essential oil bottle, grapefruit being one of my all-time favorite scents ever, and definitely was impressed at the scent and quality of the oil applied to my hand. Proceeding to analyze each one of the oils I received, here is what I thought:

After taking a whiff of each oil from the bottle, I definitely feel like I am smelling an essence of one of Mother Nature’s beautiful plants. Even though, for example, the distillation of grapefruit involves taking the oil from the fruits, distilling it, and meticulously separating out the essential oil from the fruit’s plant matter itself; when I break open Aroma Foundry’s bottle of grapefruit essential oil, I smell the ripeness of fresh grapefruit I have just cut slices of and set out on a plate. That to me is a good sign of a quality essential oil brand.

From what I can tell of having a similar experience with the bergamot, Lemon, and Eucalyptus essential oils, Aroma Foundry takes the adage “My Body is My Temple” quite seriously. I can say with confidence both from the information they provide readily and after applying their oils to the acupuncture spots I like to use on myself that they work hard to deliver quality essential oils that are both trustworthy, sourced from their geographically native origins/locales, and with consistency. Their outward provision of all of this information transparently in their product packaging, website, and descriptions on the oils themselves is reassuring to myself as a consumer.



The team at Aroma Foundry in California are definitely avid essential oil users. I like their hip style and they demonstrate in both their product and service that they know what essential oil enthusiasts want and need. Therapeutic oils of high purity, bottles in small batches in effort to maintain quality control (really like seeing the batch numbers on the top of each bottle’s cap!), and their zeal for making sure there are never any synthetic additives in their all-natural and 100% pure oils are all things we as users and enthusiasts look for.
For those of us who embrace a combination of using essential oils and their application on traditional acupuncture points for our health and well-being, these aspects are truly valuable.

Best of all – big bottles and very reasonable prices! Who can say “no” to a combination of that?

Want to win a $25 Gift Card for Aroma Foundry’s stock of essential oils? Use hashtag #AromaFoundry and post photos of their bottles on Instagram and Pinterest to win! They look for winners every month ;)

Interested in learning how to use essential oils specifically in your life? Check out Eupterra’s Essential Series and peruse topics that pertain to your everyday well-being.

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